High School Diploma - Design 1 with Transcripts

This package combines our High School Diploma design 1 with our realistic High School Transcripts at a special package price.

Our fake High School Diplomas are based on extensive research of high school diplomas issued by various educational institutions, producing the most authentic fake diploma designs available.

Our extensive customization options and quality diploma paper provides for a very realistic Diploma and Transcript which can accommodate any high school.

Fake Diploma, Replica Diploma Remember each diploma includes:

  • Realistic High School Diploma printed on quality diploma paper
  • Transcripts printed on actual transcript security paper with anti-copy features
  • Available "Same Day" with our digital scan option
  • Includes free shipping

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Diploma Section: Please fill out the following information to order your Diploma.

School Name  
School City & State  
Graduate's Name - As it will Appear  
Graduate Date - Month-Day-Year  

Transcript Section: Please fill out the following information to complete the Transcript portion of your order. For best results we recommend selecting a Transcript Seal that matches the Seal used on the Diploma.

School Address  
Student ID  
Date of Birth  
Transcript Issue Date  

Other Options: Popular additional add-ons to enhance your order.

Diploma Tip Please review your selections above and check all spelling before you continue to avoid any delays in your order.
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