Fake Diploma Research

Diploma Research

There are many reasons to want a fake diploma but researching where and how to purchase one has not always been easy - until now. We have created this area to help answer the many questions regarding the purchase of high quality, realistic fake diplomas.

There are many companies on the internet who seem to offer novelty fake diplomas but do they offer quality fake diplomas that actually look real?. We decided to see for ourselves. Why? - Well we wanted to make sure that the novelty fake diplomas we were offering were the very best available. Through our extensive (and expensive) research, we ordered diplomas from these various companies to see first hand but when they arrived we were very disappointed. Unfortunately (well fortunately for us), the majority of these fake diploma companies sent us diplomas that were of bad design, had unrealistic seals, wrong layouts, fonts, etc. What was also interesting was that the web sites that looked messy, had too many different colors, font sizes and confusing layouts produced the worst looking novelty diplomas. There must be something to the "first impressions" saying after all.

Exactly what are novelty fake diplomas? Fake Diplomas are also known as "novelty" diplomas and are often used to fool a friend or hang on the wall in your home and office. They often look like the real diplomas you my already have or have seen when visiting a friend or co-worker. Fake Diplomas are printed on a thick parchment paper that is usually tan in color (we call it natural), use common diploma fonts and will have an official looking seal of some type. A fake diploma should not be used as a replacement for actually attending a school or university, as there is no accreditation associated with them and nothing can truly replace a real education. However this does not mean that there is not a place for fake diplomas

What about the bad press circulating the internet regarding diploma mills? Yes, we have read these articles too. It's a shame that there are companies out there that actually try and take advantage of good hard working people by insinuating that they can obtain a real accredited degree by taking a couple of online tests or life experience. These diploma mills obtain phony credentials trying to pass themselves off as a real school or university but the degrees are worthless. Fake diplomas in general do not fall into this category but rather are simple novelty items that appear very realistic. A simple analogy is comparing novelty dollar bills or million dollar bills and counterfeit bills. It is perfectly legal to make, obtain and play gags on people with novelty bills but as soon as you try and produce them as real money you run into a problem.

In our research we also found many web sites offering a "verification" service. It seems they provide customers with a number to call so that any institution who wants to verify if a diploma may call it and the company will pretend to be from that schools registrars office. This not only sounds bad but is impersonation and should be avoided at all costs. Any company or institution that wants to verify your degree will surely call the school directly based on their own contact information and therefore the verification service is useless and just another way for "bad" companies to fool you into purchasing from them.

Now that we know a bit more about fake diplomas what exactly should we look out for when purchasing one? Here are some important factors: Do they have a toll-free number with live personnel for you to call? Do they offer live support chat to have your questions answered? Do they offer secure online checkout using encryption? Do they offer shipping with package tracking? Do they ship in discreet packaging? Do they offer same day and next day processing? Does their web site look clean and professional?

We are happy to offer all of these important services and more when you obtain a fake diplomas from us. Sure this may seem biased but the important thing is that we have identified what customers want and deliver it. Please feel free to continue reading the other areas of our fake diploma research area and learn more about the different types of fake diplomas and fake degrees available online.

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