College and High School Diploma Restrictions

What we don't do


We are not a diploma mill, we offer novelty fake diplomas and novelty fake transcripts. No proof of accreditation is offered nor do we provide any verification services. Remember, we are not a college. If you would like a valid diploma or transcript you should attend an accredited school.

We do not reproduce ("forge") actual signatures of officals or use real names but we do offer made up signatures or blank for you to fill in later.

We take our Nations security serious and do not produce Diplomas or Transcripts for customers in certain locations such as Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, South Yemen, the Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

We respect the intellectual proprety of others and therefore do not reproduce material under copyright or trademark. Our replications will look authentic and mimic the original design but contain changes to satisfy any copyright or trademark restrictions.

We do not offer any medical or law related degrees or transcripts. Any requests for degrees or transcripts related to the military, public service, public transportation, involvement with children or that may jeopardize our nations security will be refused.

Transcripts are based on our own custom designs and are printed on authentic blue security paper. Courses are based on appropriate classes for the degree type but are not identical to the college. We do not offer any validation or sealed envelopes.


Some Schools may not be available as they have requested that we not produce novelty versions of their documents. Schools who wish to have their school added to our list should submit their request in writing. More Info..


Our Diplomas and Transcripts are designed for novelty use only. They are intended to safe guard an original, replace a lost or damaged item or for fun and entertainment purposes.

Our Diplomas and Transcripts can not be used as real documents under any circumstances. They should not be used for any purpose that is unlawful or illegal. NextDay Diplomas, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees cannot be held responsible for use of our product in any unlawful way. You accept full responsibility and assume all risk and consequences for any misuse of our products.

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