Diploma Replacment

Diplomas are like any other tangible item and can be misplaced, damaged or lost. Obviously after years of hard work obtaining your degree the last thing you want is to have no way of showing others your accomplishment. This is where Diploma Replacement comes into play.

There are several ways to replace the lost or damaged diploma but the best option is to contact the school where the diploma was originally obtained and request a replacement. The fee for having your diploma replaced varies from school to school.

What happens if the school is no longer around since you graduated? This is the most unfortunate hurdle in obtaining a replacement diploma and there are very little options in this case. Imagine you graduated 10, 20, or 30 years ago and the school has since closed, how are you to obtain a replacement for your diploma? This is where novelty fake diplomas serve a purpose and you may now proudly display your diploma.